Star Spangled Banner National Historic Trail

The Star Spangled Banner National Historic Trail is a great way to experience the Chesapeake Campaign of 1814.

This route leads from Benedict in Charles County into Prince George’s County at Upper Marlboro, coming through Washington D.C. and then into Anacostia Trails Heritage Area before heading to Baltimore. Please see many more details on the County or NPS websites:

The Star Spangled Banner National Historic Trail and Byway “connects the places, people and events that led to the birth of the National Anthem. The 290-mile trail stretches over beautiful rolling farmland, charming historic towns, and populated urban areas, following scenic rivers and the treasured Chesapeake bay in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. During the War of 1812, this region was a center of a desperate struggle between the young United States and the empire of Great Britain. Riverbanks where people now fish once echoed with the sounds of cannon fire. Today a trip along the Trail offers countless learning and recreation opportunities for Bay residents and visitors.” — National Park Service brochure