Rivers to Rockets Weekends

Piscataway Dancers at Bostwick, Photo S. Rogers

Rivers to Rockets Weekends is a bi-annual (May/September) way to to explore our partner’s sites and the history, art, culture, and natural resources of the Maryland Milestones/Anacostia Trails Heritage Area.

At the core of our spring set of weekends is the Rivers to Rockets Bike Rally where we celebrate biking and getting out of our winter rut. Events start on the last weekend of April (Maryland Day and Herbs, Art and Tea) and run until the first weekend of June (generally Greenbelt Day).

Our fall weekends start around the first weekend of September (generally Greenbelt Labor Day Festival) and run until the last weekend of September (generally College Park Day) and feature the cooler weather of early fall, the return to school, and the chance for one more weekend of fun.

Each event and program explore a different aspect of the region’s milestones, but also our diversity and uniqueness. Make your own milestone moment and visit one of our partner’s exciting programs!

A few key milestone moments are:

  • Last Saturday in April – Maryland Day (University of Maryland)
  • Last Saturday in April  – 20th Annual Montpelier Festival of Herbs, Art, and Tea
  • First Saturday in May – Berwyn Heights Day
  • First Sunday in May – Riverdale Park Arts Festival
  • First or Second Saturday in May – Rivers to Rockets Bike Rally
  • Third Saturday in May – Open Studios Tour (Gateway Arts District)
  • Third Sunday in May – 38th Annual Historic Hyattsville House Tour
  • Third Friday in May – Bike to Work Day
  • Fourth Saturday in May – Cheverly Day
  • First Weekend in June – Greenbelt Day
  • First Saturday in June – Bowiefest
  • First Weekend in September – Greenbelt Labor Day
  • Second Saturday in September – Hyattsville Arts Festival
  • Third Saturday in September – Port Towns Day
  • Fourth Saturday in September – College Park Day

Be sure to use social media and tell us all about your unique events and moments – #rivers2rockets 

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