Past Show: Roadside’s Last Gasps

February 9 – April 30, 2020

Exhibit Title: Roadside Last Gasps: Paintings by Joel Floyd

RECEPTION – Sunday, Feb 9, 2020, 2-4pm

Joel Floyd is a freelance scientific illustrator with an interest in natural history and roadside architecture. He is retired from the US Department of Agriculture where he worked on invasive plant pest issues. Joel has had many illustrations published in books, scientific journals, and for museum exhibits, but also explores artistic expression in watercolor, oil painting, and mosaics. He resides in University Park, Maryland with his wife Karen Sondak.

Artist Statement:

I began photographing dilapidated historic buildings along the Route 1 corridor in College Park, Maryland and beyond shortly after moving here from Arizona 18 years ago. Many locations remained in their abandoned state for a long time, but within the past decade began to go through a cycle of deterioration, demolishment, and development primarily for high rise university student housing. Using these photo references, I try to capture in paint the essence of their previous state of decay and succumbing to nature before obliteration or transformation into something else. Some of these buildings’’ past “glories” may show through in their last gasps.    

Description of Artwork (Title, Media, Dimensions, Price/Value, if not for sale)

“Exuding Quality, Route One, College Park, Maryland”, Oil on Canvas, 24 x 30 ” (gallery wrap) $1,800.

“Around Back, Bridgeville, Delaware” Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40″,  (with frame, 32.5 x 42″) $2,200.

“Little Tavern, Route One, Laurel, Maryland”, Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40″,  (gallery wrap) $2,800.

“Llantas Usadas, Route One, Beltsville, Maryland” Oil on Canvas,  22 x 36″,  (gallery wrap) $1800.

“Starlight Inn, Route One, College Park, Maryland” Oil on Canvas,  24 x 36″ (with frame, 27 x 39″)  $1800.

“Little Tavern, Route One, College Park, Maryland”, Oil on Canvas, 34 x 44″,  (gallery wrap) NFS.  On loan from David Ermisch and Craig Lamberton.

“Terrapin Taco house, Route One, College Park, Maryland”   Watercolor 20 x 26″ (with frame, 25 x 34″) $975.

“S & J Bar, Riverdale, Maryland” Watercolor,  14 x 20″ (with frame 20 x 26″) NFS.  On loan from Joan Sills

“230 Diner, Middletown, Pennsylvania”, Oil on Canvas, 18” x 36”, (gallery wrap), $2,200