About Maryland Milestones

Maryland Milestones, a brand established in 2012 by Anacostia Trails Heritage Area Inc., highlights the first and unique moments which have occurred (or are occurring) in the Maryland Certified Anacostia Trails Heritage Area. This program brings information about these milestones to the public and makes connections between the history, culture, and nature of the region. Additionally, the Maryland Milestones brand emphasizes the importance travel, trade, and communication have played in the region – through turnpikes, highways, parkways, aviation, streetcars, telegraphs, and train travel. This program involves updating signage, creating information kiosks, building a heritage center, and developing interpretive heritage routes.

About Anacostia Trails Heritage Area (ATHA):

The Anacostia Trails Heritage Area is one of 13 Heritage Areas certified by the State of Maryland under the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority. Heritage Areas contribute to the state and local economy through tourism. In December 2020, both a State-wide Economic Impact Study and a Maryland Milestones Economic Impact Study were completed, detailing our contributions to the state and local economies. 

Certified in 2001, Anacostia Trails Heritage Area encompasses over 100 square miles of Northern Prince Georges County – bordered by Washington, D.C. to the south, Montgomery County to the West, Howard and Anne Arundel County to the North and encompassing portions of Bowie, Glenn Dale, and Cheverly to the East. This eastern boundary was amended in 2017.

The Heritage Area is managed by Anacostia Trails Heritage Area Inc.  ATHA Inc. is dedicated to preserving and promoting the historical, artistic, cultural, and natural resources of the Certified Heritage Area. ATHA Inc. performs its work through partnerships, programs, and grantmaking. Our partnerships include Federal partners (Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, NASA Goddard, Greenbelt National Park, and the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge); State Partners (MHAA, Office of Tourism Development) Regional Partners (Prince George’s Conference and Visitors Bureau, Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission, Prince George’s County); and local partners, sites, and municipalities. Our participating municipalities are Bladensburg, Colmar Manor, Cottage City, Edmonston, Berwyn Heights, Greenbelt, College Park, Mt. Rainier, Hyattsville, Brentwood, North Brentwood, Riverdale Park, University Park, the Beltsville area, Bowie, Cheverly, and unincorporated areas around Glenn Dale.

ATHA Inc. has a governing/advisory board made up of representatives from our partner communities to set goals and a Managing Board which oversees the day-to-day operations. We are a 501(c)3 organization under the IRS code. The organization originally served in an advisory capacity to the Redevelopment Authority of Prince Georges County. In 2010 the organization took full operation of the Heritage Area.

IRS 990 Filings & Audits


Executive Director: Meagan Baco

Program Manager: Kirstin Falk

Managing Board

President: Ariel Trahan (Anacostia Watershed Society)

Vice-President: Alfonso Navarez (Aeon Preservation Consultants)

Secretary: Tracey Toscano

Treasurer: Stefan Woehlke (University of Maryland)

Board Member (Planning/Bike & Ped): Karyn McAlister

Board Member (Aviation): Jonathan Ebbeler

Board Member (Digital Archiving): Crystal Sanchez

Board Member (Landscape Architecture): Marita Roos

Board Member (Public Partnerships): James Wilkison

Board Member (Planning/Preservation): Kacy Rohn

Board Member (Marketing): Ngina Jackson (PGC Conference and Visitor’s Bureau)

Board Member (Planning): Ivy Thompson

Board Member (Museums & Collections): Alana Cole-Faber

Governing Board Liason: Linda Thompson

Governing Board

Edward Day, Director, M-NCPPC Natural and Cultural Resources

David Lingua, Councilmember, Town of Riverdale Park

Doug Bowles, Town of Colmar Manor

Ben Simasek, Councilmember, City of Hyattsville

Emmett Jordan, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Greenbelt

Marcus Monroe, Councilmember, Town of Brentwood

Sarah Turberville, Councilmember, Town of Edmonston

Gloria Apricio Blackwell, Office of Community Engagement, University of Maryland

Petrella Robinson, Mayor, Town of North Brentwood

Terry Shum, Planning Office Staff, City of College Park

Lee Fuerst, Historical Committee, Town of Berwyn Heights

Len Cary, Mayor, Town of University Park

Takisha James, Mayor, Town of Bladensburg

Audrey Barnes, Director of Communications, City of Laurel

Linda Thompson, President, Glenn Dale Citizens Association

Susan Proctor, City of Bowie

TBD, Beltsville/Vansville Community Association

TBD, Town of Cheverly

TBD, City of Mount Rainier

TBD, Town of Cottage City