Heritage Center

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Opening in late Spring/Early Summer 2017, the Maryland Milestones Heritage Center will be a connecting point for visitors and residents with plenty of great opportunties to explore the region. Building upon our work with the War of 1812 commemoration, plus our connections to partners like MNCPPC, Anacostia Watershed Society, Prince George’s Heritage, Greenbelt Museum, the Gateway Arts District, and more, ATHA Inc. looks to create a meeting and tourism space for the region.


Serving as our permanent home and located in the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center at 4318 Gallatin Street in Hyattsville, there will be exciting exhibit space to tell the story of our communities within the Heritage Area, a workshop/meeting facility, and space for local art.  This project is going to be the core of the Maryland Milestones/Anacostia Trails Heritage Area and will be a hub for our work throughout the region – which includes telling local history, building bike infrastructure, and expanding arts opportunities.


Contributing to our Heritage Center fund are these amazing people and organizations!

  • Richard Cote
  • Stuart Eisenberg & Family
  • Patricia Williams
  • Shani Warner
  • Meagan Baco
  • Pat Cricenti
  • Crystal Sanchez
  • Kathy Kilday
  • Tracey Toscano
  • Patrick Wojahn
  • Margaret Pooley
  • Kerstin Harper
  • Doug Bowles
  • James Coriden
  • Sharmila Bhatia
  • Laurel Historical Society
  • Donna Schneider
  • Judith Davis
  • Friends of Greenbelt Museum
  • Hyattsville Preservation Association
  • John Sower
  • Samantha Dorsey
  • Prince George’s Heritage Inc.
  • Prince George’s County Historical Society 
  • Prince George’s County Historical and Cultural Trust
  • AEON Preservation Services LLC