Heritage Center

The Ebbeler Maryland Milestones Heritage Center (Hyattsville, MD)

The Annelie & Soren Ebbeler Maryland Milestones Heritage Center is a starting and connecting point for visitors and residents with the great opportunities to explore the region. Serving as our permanent home and located within the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center at 4318 Gallatin Street in Hyattsville, the Heritage Center has exhibit spaces to tell the story of our communities within the Heritage Area, the ability to hold workshops and meetings with a special TV monitor, and space for local art. This project is the core of the Maryland Milestones/Anacostia Trails Heritage Area’s work and is a hub for our work throughout the region.

We are grateful for the support of Jonathan and Ashley Ebbeler who contributed funds for the long-term management and operation of the Heritage Center. Their gift stipulated that the Heritage Center would be named for their children – Annelie & Soren.



Within the Heritage Center are several “artifacts” that are on regular display and showcase the history of the region. Here are a few of their stories:

“White House” Sign: This sign, part of a larger sign that read “Del Haven White House Motel,” was from a motel located in North College Park. The neon was restored in 2018 by Larry Kanter and donated to the center. The sign is from a motel which began life as Brown’s Tavern serving the stagecoach industry on what would become US Route 1. However, the name “White House” was indicative of a highway which was segregated – US Route 1’s motels and other roadside establishments barred African-Americans until the 1960s.

Film Canister (right back wall): This film canister was donated by the Old Greenbelt Theatre as homage to the many local film theaters and to the history of the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center building – “The Arcade.” This building was originally a church (the brick wall behind the canister is the corner of that original building), then a silent movie theater, then a regular theater until the 1940s when the theater was moved to Baltimore Avenue (US Route 1). The multicolored plaster panel is a remnant of the plaster walls which were part of the entry foyer (now the Heritage Center) that led into the theater.


The Ebbeler Maryland Milestones Heritage Center (Hyattsville, MD)

Contributing to our Heritage Center fund are these amazing people and organizations!

  • Anonymous
  • Meagan Baco
  • Doug Bowles
  • Pat Cricenti
  • Judith Davis
  • Samantha Dorsey
  • Kerstin Harper
  • David Lingua
  • Karen Lubieniecki
  • T. Carter Ross
  • Crystal Sanchez
  • Shani Warner
  • Henry Wixon
  • Sharmila Bhatia
  • Rose Green Colby
  • James Coriden
  • Friends of Greenbelt Museum
  • Margaret Pooley
  • Donna Schneider
  • John Sower
  • Patricia Williams
  • Patrick Wojahn
  • AEON Preservation Services LLC
  • Friends of Greenbelt Theatre
  • Hyattsville Preservation Association
  • Laurel Historical Society
  • M. David WIlliams & Henry Becker III
  • Prince George’s Heritage Inc.
  • Prince George’s County Historical Society 
  • Prince George’s County Historical and Cultural Trust
  • Tracey J. Toscano
  • Richard Cote
  • Larry Kanter
  • Meyers, Rodbell, & Rosenbaum, PA
  • Pyramid Atlantic Art Center


Donor Panel
Donor Panel (D. Holt/Adler Display)

As well as our Public and Government Funders:

  • City of College park
  • City of Greenbelt
  • City of Hyattsville
  • Maryland Heritage Areas Authority
  • State of Maryland
  • Prince George’s County Council
  • Prince George’s County Office of the Executive
  • Prince George’s County Redevelopment Authority
  • Town of Edmonston
  • Town of North Brentwood
  • Town of University Park