As part of the mission of the Anacostia Trails Heritage Area Inc., the organization oversees funding for grants that further overall goals of the heritage area and heritage tourism. ATHA Inc.’s grants program includes a local mini-grant for small scale projects that might need seed funding. The organization is also charged with managing and reviewing MHAA funded grants for significant capital and non-capital investments. Finally, ATHA Inc. oversees a Targeted Investment Project program which allows for additional funding to specific areas in the Heritage Area – this program is currently under re-development.




ATHA, Inc.’s mini-grant program is designed to provide seed funding for innovative exhibits, tours, planning and projects which build upon interpretive themes identified in ATHA’s Management Plan. Projects should seek to attract cultural heritage tourists to the region.


APPLICATION (Note Date Due before submission): Next submission deadline will be April 2015.  Check back after March 1 for more information. 


FINAL REPORT: A final report filing form will be required to fill this form out online to receive the final 25% of their grant funds.  Download the report format in WORD (2003) or PDF.



ATHA, Inc. will consider specific sponsorship opportunities for special events which further the goals of the organization to market and make aware the goals and mission of the organization.  Programs should seek to attract new interest in cultural heritage tourism and potentially attract new visitors.


APPLICATION: There is no formal application.  Contact the staff at aaron (at) for details on how to submit a request.





Letter of Intent for grants are available at
LOI are due by January 30, 2015. 


Current grantees: IF you have not already watched the webinar for the grants, or need a refresher, you will need this video.


The Maryland Heritage Areas Authority (MHAA) provides dollar-for-dollar matching grants to non-profit organizations and governments for capital and non-capital projects located within a Maryland Certified Heritage Area (CHA).  Grants can support projects involving historical, cultural, or natural resources, sites, events, or facilities.  Eligible projects must have a heritage tourism component (i.e. the project involves a visitor destination such as a museum, visitor center, or nature center; helps to provide facilities and services that support heritage tourism, such as rehabilitating a historic building as a Bed & Breakfast, restaurant, or other tourism related retail use or is an event that will help to create a long-term increase in visitation to the Heritage Area). (From MHAA Website)


ATHA Inc. will receive the applications and provide a ranking system for the MHAA for the applications. Currently, the focus on projects are items which highlight the War of 1812 or provide support for tour and wayfinding systems.

  1. Applications are first submitted to ATHA. A letter of intent is due in late January (January 30, 2015). Draft applications generally are due sometime between the beginning to middle of March (March 5, 2015).
  2. ATHA’s review committee then reviews, ranks, and submits applications to the MHAA, generally in early April (April 1, 2015).
  3. MHAA staff first review applications for completeness and accuracy and will contact ATHA or applicants if additional information is required.
  4. Complete applications are forwarded to the MHAA Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for review.
  5. TAC recommendations are then forwarded to the MHAA for review and final action at the Authority’s July meeting


All grants must be matched in an amount at least equal to the amount of the grant award (dollar-for-dollar match).

  • The match must consist of a cash match equal to at least 75% of the grant award (e.g. if $100,000 of MHAA grant funds is awarded, a minimum of $75,000 of the grantee’s total match must be cash)
  • No more than 35% of the minimum required cash match may consist of applicant staff salaries.
  • The balance of project match may consist of in-kind contributions.
  • State of Maryland funds may not be used as match.
  • Contact ATHA staff for possible matching solutions.

Visit the MHAA Matching Grant website at: Guidelines can be specifically downloaded from:

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