Annual Photo Contest


Hit us with your best shot! Best photograph that is!
Keep your camera in hand and participate in our 2017 Photo Contest.


Maryland Milestones/ATHA Inc. continues its successful annual photo contest to capture the beauty, history, people, and distinctive character of the Anacostia Trails Heritage Area. Winning images become the basis for our yearly calendar.


This program will form a basis to showcase the region and remind residents and visitors of what makes this Area a unique place to celebrate and preserve!


Deadline for entries is September 10, 2016.


What to Photograph


Please make sure your subject matter is within the Heritage Area. (Click here for a map.) A panel of judges selects first, second, and third place photographs in four contest categories. In addition, judges select twelve honorable mention images.



Rivers to Rockets

Distinctive architecture, unique constructed landscapes, historic downtowns, sites that showcase unique history.

For the Fun of It

People having fun at community related events and activities, e.g., cycling the Tributary Trail, fishing, festivals, concerts, etc.

Expressions of Art

Performing and visual arts, residents experiencing arts and culture, arts festivals, cultural programs

Nature of the Area

Landscapes, waterscapes, wildlife, plants, the natural rivers, the beauty of the seasons


2017 Contest Documents (pdf) –

2015 Locations of calendars

  • Hyattsville Municipal Building (Main Entryway)
  • Greenbelt Community Center
  • National Wildlife Visitors Center
  • College Park Aviation Museum
  • Bladensburg Waterfront Park
  • Joe’s Movement Emporium
  • Smaller amounts available at:
    • Colmar Manor Town Hall
    • University Park Town Hall
    • Cheverly Town Hall
    • Old Bowie Welcome Center

2015 Winners

  • Jamal Samuels (Mount Rainier, MD)
  • Laurie Lemieux (Greenbelt, MD)
  • Joe DiGiovanni (Laurel, MD)
  • John Caine Jr. (Laurel, MD)
  • Andrea Marcavitch (Greenbelt, MD)
  • Mildred Taveras (Bowie, MD)

2014 Winners

  • John Caine Jr. (Laurel, MD)
  • Colleen Kelley (Cottage City, MD)
  • Sarah Rogers (Annapolis, MD)
  • Joe DiGiovanni (Laurel, MD)
  • Emily Moy (Brentwood, MD)
  • Sarah Demetrides (Baltimore, MD)

2013 Winners

  • Bruce Smith (Bowie, MD)
  • Cynthia Cummins (Greenbelt, MD)
  • Kathy Galleher (Riverdale, MD)
  • John Caine Jr. (Laurel, MD)
  • Alice Murray (Greenbelt, MD)
  • Marvene Ewell (Greenbelt, MD)
  • Joe Irwin
  • PLEASE NOTE: The artist for the painting in the January image is Valerie Watson and the painting is “Dark Red.” We apologize for the omission.

2012 Winners

  • Kathryn Breon (Greenbelt, MD)
  • Tom Cardarella (Mount Rainier, MD)
  • Colleen Kelley (Cottage City, MD)
  • Suzette Agans (Greenbelt, MD)
  • Matt Johnson (Greenbelt, MD)
  • Nora Simon (Greenbelt, MD)
  • Shannon Wyss (Hyattsville, MD)


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